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Random Acts of Kindness

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Below are just few stories of Random Acts of Kindness around our communities. Through these acts of kindness, you have shown the true example of service that we offer. Thank you for your kindness and the kindness that you have shared from others to the members of your communities. Because of these stories, we believe that many of the lives of the people that have been helped, no matter how small, will never be the same. It truly makes us feel honored to work with each of you. We will not be attaching property names to the stories as many have asked to remain anonymous. We sincerely hope that you find these as inspirational as we have.


"A few of my residents brought in items to offer to their neighbors for free. It has been incredible to see them care for one another. Another resident baked banana bread and took it to her neighbors. (Leaving the goodies on the porch so she is protecting them and herself)."

"One elderly couple said they couldn’t get to the store because they were afraid because of their age they might get sick. I asked them to make a list of the essential things they needed. I went to the store and got everything that was on their list. When I delivered their groceries they started to cry and said that was probably the nicest thing that anyone had done for them. I also told them that they didn’t owe me anything, they just needed to keep me and my family in their prayers and that would be payment enough. Shortly after that I was talking with my maintenance man and he seemed a little down. I asked him what was wrong he said he had been to every store around looking for water and TP and couldn’t find any for his family. He was pretty close to tears. I went to my home and got a package of TP 12 rolls and 2 cases of water and handed it to him over our fence. I told him no charge and that I appreciated everything he does for the Park. It was the least I could do."

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