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Management Team

Team Members
  • Image of Amber Monte

    Amber Monte

    Managing Director & Partner

    Amber Monte has over 20 years of property management experience. As Managing Director and Partner of Investment Property Group since 2013, Ms. Monte oversees all aspects of the management of our portfolio of communities throughout the United Sta...
  • Julie Rodriguez, CPM

    President of Property Management

    Julie Rodriguez joined the team with over 30 years of property management experience. As President of Property Management she oversees the day to day operations and management for all IPG Communities. Ms. Rodriguez has managed real estate across ...
    Image of Julie Rodriguez, CPM
  • Image of Jeff Fisher

    Jeff Fisher

    Chief Financial Officer

    Jeff is an accomplished leader at IPG. He strives for excellence in communication, strategy and efficiency. He has actively participated in over half of the company’s acquisitions and billions of dollars in refinances. In addition, Jeff oversees...
  • Tanya Vidaurri

    Vice President of Property Management

    Tanya began her 28-year career as a leasing consultant and continued to thrive and accelerate into several positions such as Assistant Manager, Community Manager, Lease-Up Manager, General Manager, Regional Manager, Senior Regional Manager, Corp ...
    Image of Tanya Vidaurri
  • Image of Alana Coon, CAM

    Alana Coon, CAM

    Director of Operations

    Alana has over 23 years of Multi-Family Property Management experience. Alana offers knowledge of various multi-family sectors, including conventional, affordable, facility management and homeowner associations. Alana has grown and worked her wa...
  • Elias Nieto

    Director of Operations

    Elias Nieto brings 15 years of experience in Multifamily Property Management. He started his career in the Denver market and has held various roles from Assistant Manager, Community Manager, Multisite Manager, Junior Regional, Regional, and Dire ...
    Image of Elias Nieto
  • Image of Dan Ogden, CPM

    Dan Ogden, CPM

    Director of Operations

    As Director of Operations at IPG, Dan is in charge of the company’s day-to-day operations and brings over 25 years of residential and commercial property management experience. Prior to IPG, Dan had held several high-level positions within the r...
  • Laura Rivera

    Director of Operations

    Laura started her career in California and has managed properties all over the United States, building 26 years of experience in Affordable Multifamily Property Management. She provides vast knowledge of various affordable housing programs and h ...
    Image of Laura Rivera
  • Image of Greg Gomez

    Greg Gomez

    VP of Taxation & LIHTC

    Greg Gomez has been the CFO for over 10 years and in-house CPA of Affordable Housing Associates, LLC. During 9 of those 11 years Greg oversaw the expansion and management of the affordable housing division. Currently, Greg oversees the accountin...
  • Javier Piña

    Director of Compliance

    Javier has been in real estate management and the multifamily industry for over 15 years. He is responsible for the oversight of the Compliance Department which supports the on-site teams in the affordable portfolio in all aspects of compliance. ...
    Image of Javier Piña
  • Image of Dan Cervantes

    Dan Cervantes

    Director of Human Resources

    Dan brings nearly 10 years of human resources management experience to the Investment Property Group team. He began his career in the Air Force and transitioned to HR to provide a better work experience for employees after earning his MBA from C...