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Outside The Box

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As the entire country, and world, is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are lucky enough to be deemed an essential business and we are able to continue selling homes and leasing apartments. Due to the hurdles of social distancing, our communities have had to think outside the box to continue to show available homes and apartments. Here are just a few of our success stories… 

Sage communities are offering self-guided apartment tours, along with virtual tours on their websites. Here are some examples of their awesome tour packets available for their self-guided tours: 


                                                                  Mountain High                                                                              Idlewild Creek


                                                        Waterford  – In the Office                                                               Waterford – In the Apartment


                                                                        Lyndy                                                                               Cambridge Towers



Please view Mountain High’s virtual tours HERE. Kendra did a fantastic job showing viewers around the apartments. Sound on!


Justin and his team at Bolero Flats are holding contests on Facebook for their residents. Residents are engaging by playing games like Trivia and the Price is Right. It’s a great way to keep residents engaged while having fun during this difficult time.


Another great story from Bolero Flats – Assistant Community Manager, Lucia Carlson’s most recent rental from this past weekend… 

The prospect called and spoke with Lucia on Wednesday, April 1, and informed her that he was just collecting information at this time and will not make any decisions on renting until things settle down with COVID19. Challenge accepted thought Lucia to herself. She then proceeded to send an email packed full with information and pictures that she took making sure she was catching the apartment and the community in the best light, once that email was sent the prospect responded the next day wanting even more information, Lucia knew she almost had the prospect so she then sent him a video of the unit and the great views that we have to offer and spoke with him again at length on the benefits of the community and its location as this prospect will be working in Downtown Minneapolis. Lucia could feel that this prospect was starting to change his mind about waiting until things cool down so she thought she would call him one last time on Friday before going into the weekend. She called him and let him know that we have had some interest in the particular unit that he was interested in and let him know that she would hate to see him lose the home that she knew would be absolutely perfect for him. He was very receptive to that call but still not quite ready to apply. After a few more hours of thinking things through and revisiting all of the great information that Lucia had sent over the past 3 days to finally make his decision, he applied online over the weekend and got approved on Monday! Way to go, Lucia!

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