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Random Acts of Kindness

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Below are just a few stories of Random Acts of Kindness around our communities. Through these acts of kindness, you have shown the true example of service that we offer. Thank you for your kindness and the kindness that you have shared from others to the members of your communities. Because of these stories, we believe that many of the lives of the people that have been helped, no matter how small, will never be the same. It truly makes us feel honored to work with each of you. We will not be attaching property names to the stories as many have asked to remain anonymous. We sincerely hope that you find these as inspirational as we have.

"At my community, an elderly retired couple took their stimulus check and paid two residents’ rent and utilities for the month of March and gave them gift cards to local grocery store. Then those two residents that were the recipients of this generosity, paid it forward by assisting other families with helping with car repair and food."

    "Our area has been hit pretty hard. Luckily, we appear to be unaffected in our little senior community. It has been difficult for everyone with social distancing policies, but we carry on. While heading to the bank, I noticed this Brier Community Food Bank. A lovely version of community coming together to help those in the neighborhood. We have posted the location of this community pantry on a flyer for our residents that may be in need of a little extra help, or may have extra to share. I am proud to say I have the pleasure of being a part of the greater Brier community."


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