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Random Acts of Kindness

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Below are just a few stories of Random Acts of Kindness around our communities. Through these acts of kindness, you have shown the true example of service that we offer. Thank you for your kindness and the kindness that you have shared from others to the members of your communities. Because of these stories, we believe that many of the lives of the people that have been helped, no matter how small, will never be the same. It truly makes us feel honored to work with each of you. We will not be attaching property names to the stories as many have asked to remain anonymous. We sincerely hope that you find these as inspirational as we have.

"One of our residents works for DoorDash and contacted the office. She said she is out an about all day long and would love to help any residents in need. She offered to pick up groceries, food, prescriptions, mail, anything needed for no charge. She just wanted to make sure no one was going without during this pandemic. She gave us her cell phone number and permission to give it out to anyone in need. It is so kind and generous of her. We have some wonderful residents."

    "I love these stories about helping each other out and they inspire me to do my own part. One of our residents is quarantined awaiting the results of a Corona Virus test. She is very sick and cannot go anywhere. I made some homemade chicken soup and cornbread last night for dinner and put a large jar of the soup and some bread on her front porch this morning. (Careful not to touch anything of course :) It isn’t much but after hearing so many great stories of neighbors helping neighbors, it felt right. Among all the stress and uncertainty, it is wonderful to see the beauty in humanity shining through."

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