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Oak Ridge Celebrates with Successful Grand Opening Event

Oak Ridge Celebrates with Successful Grand Opening Event

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On May 18, Oak Ridge celebrated its Grand Opening with catered food, raffles and a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with speeches from our City Manager Eric Swanson, City Council Vice President Jim Snider and our very own IPG Vice President, Tanya Vidaurri. The afternoon was full of great food, wonderful conversations, and home tours. Previous residents, current residents, Home Office staff, staff from surrounding region, Fire Department, Police Department, Jackson County Officials and other Phoenix dignitaries, real estate agents and Community Managers of local parks nearby all were in attendance for this event. It truly was a success we are all very proud of.

Our Grand Opening was a monumental day for the City of Phoenix, one that the community has been anticipating for a couple years. The outpouring of gratitude and love for Oak Ridge was overwhelming.  We are so happy to be offering housing here in Phoenix and be a part of the solution to housing for displaced fire victims as well as houses for new people to our area. 

Phoenix is a beautiful little town with a population of only 4,258 people. The warmth people show each other in this area makes me to so proud to be involved in the community and reside here. Our goal is to provide the best housing community we can and help close the gap to the outstanding need this area experienced a few years ago.

Currently, we have five residents plus Management that live onsite and a couple more going through the finance process. We have 26 homes on the ground and 5 more coming in before the end of the summer.  We did quite a bit in a short time and the Grand Opening was just the beginning of the wonderful of what’s in store for the park and the community!

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