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Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

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This month we shine the spotlight on our Multi-Family Controller, Urvi Mehta. We are extremely grateful to have her as part of the team!

"I moved to United States in 2005 and started my journey in the Property Management industry soon after. In 2011, we decided to relocate from Los Angeles to Orange County, CA. And after one year of commuting, I realized it was time for me to take a break. After a short break in my professional career, I was ready to come back in 2013. I was looking for something not too far from my home and can provide me challenging environment.

I saw an advertisement online and decided to apply for an Accounts Payable position. At that time, Sage Apartment Communities was just formed. The goal was to bring all properties inhouse for management that were being managed by third-party management companies. In my prior work experience, I had seen both types of management and I had personally realized the importance of owner operated management so I was sold on that aspect. However, with Master’s Degree in Accounting, I was not sure if this position would give me enough challenges and satisfy my hunger for more. I was told that there was great potential for growth as more properties are brought in house within next couple years and that sounded promising! I accepted the offer and have never looked back. I started as the first Multi-Family Accounting Department employee with only 5 properties to handle. With my prior experience and expertise, I was promoted to Accounting Manager within the first year. With those added responsibilities, I was able to put together policies and procedures that helped increased efficiency and accuracy both at the site level and at the Home Office. All those efforts and contributions were noticed and there was another opportunity presented to me in 2016. I was offered a promotion as Controller. It was a great honor and another opportunity for me to contribute to success of the company.

One thing that kept me going was the continuous change. While change can be difficult for many, I get excited with every change that helps us go a step further! I am truly grateful to be part of those changes that we have implemented so far. Also, I am grateful to be able to work closely with all departments. I feel the camaraderie we have is genuine and unique. I feel so blessed to be able to work with great teams!
To be very honest – It has been a roller coaster ride for me, and I have gone through some difficult times in past 8 years. However, those challenges served me lessons that has only made me stronger. I am extremely thankful to all who have been with me through this journey and had faith in me!"

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