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Employee Spotlight

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This month we shine the spotlight on our Home Development & CAD Specialist, Ileana Rivera. We are extremely grateful to have her as part of the team!


"In 2016, I was one semester away from finishing college. My last college course was to intern for a housing company that involved architecture or interior design. I was working for Disneyland as a window display merchandiser cast member at the World of Disney & Hotels, so it was time to turn in my ears and find something towards my degree. I applied at many internships, but none of them seemed to be the right fit. I had lost all hope in finding the right company and took on an internship that was the absolute worst! I knew I could find another company that could utilize my capability. I continued searching for internships then came across the Home Sales & Design Intern opening at IPG and immediately applied for the position. I received a call from the recruiter, and I met with David Bates, the Home Sales Director, the following day. We talked about the 3-month internship and how it would be helpful to the company. After discussing the requirements and expectations, I knew this internship was exactly what I wanted.

During my internship, I had so much to learn in such a brief time. I had proposed innovative ideas to help the department speed up the home ordering process. I noticed the site plans we received where inaccurate and all just drawn on paper (sometimes napkins). I took this time to propose AutoCAD to help speed the process on getting the right home to fit these vacant lots. This became a significant improvement for the home ordering process. As we got closer towards the end of my internship, we had started construction on Copper Creek Estates and ordering homes for this expansion. I was offered a full-time position to continue creating CAD plans and assisting the department.

During my first year, I was working with the Property and Regional Managers to make sure we got the right information needed for new homes. I kept track of all the materials from the factories and displayed them to stay up to date with their current inventory. I created templates for each factory to make the home ordering process easier. This helped tremendously on keeping track of our new home inventory. By the end of my first year, we ordered over 220 new homes! I got to see the photos of the new homes offline, visited factories in Oregon and Idaho, and visited some of our MHC properties. They were so thrilled of what we had coming. This made me feel grateful. I knew my inspiration was to help create a place someone calls home.

Fast forward through the years, I took on more responsibilities while still creating new homes. I was given a new title as a Home Development & CAD Specialist. I took on extra work to assist in expansions, assisting in new home development in California, and assisting my department in any way I can. (There is no I in Team!) I knew this would be challenging to maintain all the work. Luckily, with the support I have, there was never a day I regret. I give my all and I am never afraid to ask questions and own up on my mistakes. I look up to my peers and value their opinions and feedback. I make sure my work is to exceed expectations. Since my first day, we have ordered over 650 homes and counting! I feel so grateful being a part of IPG. I love what I do, I enjoy helping others and making work life a little easier. I collaborate with great people and enjoy having you all as my work family. Thank you for all your help and support."

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