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Employee Spotlight

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This month we shine the spotlight on Director of Compliance, Javier Pina.
We are extremely grateful to have him as part of the team!

"In 2017, I left the company I was with and decided to start doing some consulting work. I wanted to take the time to find a job that I was planning to stay with long term. I looked into several companies and I had a few interviews but I was not interested in any of those options. One day, I reached out a friend and former coworker that was working at IPG at the time. He told me about the company and that he would refer me to Julie Rodriguez.

Julie reached out to me and told me that she wanted to meet for lunch to discuss a job opportunity. I was a bit nervous but Julie made me feel comfortable right away. I felt a good vibe and I could tell she was a straight shooter. She told me what she was looking for in a potential candidate and told me about the many challenges that the Compliance Department was facing at the time. To this day, I am extremely grateful to Julie for being upfront with me and telling me exactly what I was getting into.

After my interview with Julie, I had a lot to think about. I knew it was going to be very challenging but at the same time, I was up for the challenge. I knew I could make a difference in the department. The only thing that was holding me back was my commute. I would have to commute one and a half hour each way from the San Fernando Valley to Irvine but I also knew that some opportunities come by once and if you pass on those opportunities you might not have a second shot. After a lot of thinking, I accepted the position. 

One week before my start date, Julie called me and she told me that I would be going to Austin, Texas, right away. That's when I knew this job was not going to be a walk in the park. I spent almost six months in Texas, traveling back and forth. I worked long hours, including weekends to catch up on years of neglect from a third-party management company that previously managed our properties.

Looking back at my career so far with Sage, I do not have any regrets. We faced numerous challenges, but we always found a way to come out on top. I am happy to say that in the past four years we have made many positive changes in our department and we are still looking to make even more. I want to take the time to acknowledge my team, because without them, all these changes would not have been possible. Lastly, I would like to take the time to acknowledge our on-site team members. You face many challenges on a daily basis and I want to make sure that your hard work does not go unnoticed."

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