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Thank you!

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Our team at Silver Bay Apartments received a very nice thank you note from a one of their residents.:

"I'm sure that a company as big as Sage Apartment Communities receives many contacts from residents in every complex. I am assuming a large number of these contacts are complaints but I think this is also important information.
I have lived in the same apartment since the fall of 1986. I recently signed my new lease that extends my stay to October 31, 2021. I believe I am the longest resident in this complex. I have seen several ownership/management companies, many changes in the office and maintenance staffs, and, of course, many residents moving in and out.
These past several months have been very difficult for everyone. Running an apartment complex with between 300 and 400 residents of different ages, backgrounds, interests, etc. in normal circumstances must be very difficult. During the mess we are all going through, it must be even tougher. I know I couldn't do it but I think it is important for you to know that the staff, headed by Brianna Garcia and Terri Foley, does an outstanding job every day in all areas – resident relations, maintenance, problems, all areas dealing with living conditions, etc. They all do very good jobs."

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