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Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

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This month we shine the spotlight on our Regional Manager, Jenifer Sayles. We are extremely grateful to have her as part of the team!

"As a young mom, I looked for a way to contribute financially to our household and still be a stay-at-home mom, when Property Management was introduced to me in the form of a small garden community in SE Portland. Twenty six years later, and countless properties and companies have passed, I still love this industry to my core. I spent the first eight years of my career moving up the ladder (and physically moving over ten times), I excelled in my new career that chose me; much different than the middle school history teacher I always thought I would be.
Deciding to move into a corporate position in 2003, after my daughter was in full school time, I became an Asset Manager for a nonprofit with ten Affordable communities, but plans were bound to change when I found out, the day I started that, I was pregnant again after struggling with fertility issues for six years. After having a baby early 2004 and only taking 2 weeks maternity leave, my little one and I returned to the infant friendly office until she was too old ,and bored, with watching mommy do budgets and compete tax credit paperwork.
The past fifteen years have been focused on Affordable Portfolios in the Pacific Northwest where I call home. Today my family is settled with 3 grown children, two adult girls and my man child who at 13, towers over me at 5’10, and my husband of twenty six years (who has always been along for the ride, or move, or emergency, or fire watch, and resident event co-host). I have so many stories, both good and bad from these many years and wonder often why there is not a reality show for Property Management.
As I have permanently moved to a Regional Manager role, I am enjoying the task of mentoring and training the next generation of Property Managers. Teaching them that change, and unknown don’t have to be a source of fear or frustration, but a sense of adventure and opportunity for lessons and growth. No experience should be left wasted without gaining something learned.
I am an eternal optimist, I don’t believe anyone, any place, or any employee is helpless. I believe that if the desire of a person is growth or betterment anyone can do great things. I also believe not everyone has the desire for growth or advancement and that meeting people where they are is ok too. So as I begin my next chapter with IPG, I am excited for what unknown adventures await and what lessons and growth will accompany them and I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing team."

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