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Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

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This month we shine the spotlight on our new Regional Manager, Stephanie Armstrong. We are extremely grateful to have her as part of the team!

"All throughout my 20’s I was known in my family as a nomad. I lived everywhere and worked anywhere to get to the next destination. I spent five years in Hawaii working on a cruise ship, with no worries or cares in the world. But like most, I was tired of having a job and wanted a career to really take control of my life and start putting down roots somewhere. I had applied for jobs in Utah, Washington, and Oregon thinking that I would just take the first job offered. As I was preparing for an interview with Sage Apartment Communities, I found that they were growing and I could really channel my want and drive to set down roots. I had other Property Manager positions in the past and really liked them, but there was something about Sage that drew me in. After my interview, I drove home to Eastern Washington in a snow storm and didn’t make it 30 minutes into my drive and the Property Manager called me and offered me the position. I was ecstatic! I started two weeks later, in January of 2017, as an Assistant Manager at Fieldstone Apartments. It didn’t take long to be promoted to a Property Manager, and I bounced around helping properties get back on track after Manager’s had moved up or on. I finally settled at Townfair Apartments, and it was a great fit. I learned a lot about my residents and different aspects of what a great Property Manager is like. Shortly after, I was asked to be the Area Manager and said yes! These were the type of roots I was talking about! Sage offered me a place to plant myself, found me a husband (he worked as a Maintenance Tech at a different property), and allowed me the freedom to run Townfair the way I wanted…within reason. It is through this experience that I am now a Regional Manager and could not be more thrilled, now with IPG! I have learned and continue to learn from teaching and growing with my peers and DOO’s and will never stop striving to be the best I can for this great company."

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