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"In 2016 I was working in Williston, ND. I had moved there in 2014, helping my former company expand into that region. I was there for the peak and fall of the oil boom, and after two frigid winters, I decided it was time to move on. I relocated to Portland, OR, and started doing my homework on companies with an open position. I was looking for a smaller company that was growing but still in its early stages of development. I came across Sage's posting for a Community Manager at Townfair Apartments. I remember thinking this was a perfect fit for me. Not only was this an ideal property to manage, but more importantly, the company aligned with where I wanted to be professionally.

Fast forward a little over a year, and I was promoted to Junior Regional Manager of Washington. This was the most challenging year for me, including this past year. I was now the leader of a larger team in a new role while also learning the market and local laws. This was a pivotal year, and I realized in challenging times, if you're open to it, growth will happen. Every tough decision or new hurdle was an opportunity for growth, and at times was humbling.   

After about a year, I was promoted to Regional Manager. It gave me a sense of accomplishment in my professional life. Little did I know then, that each year would bring a new set of challenges and growth for me. I've been fortunate enough to have people I respect and value investing their time back into me. I've taken a challenging path in life when it comes to my career. I've never let fear or the unknown influence my decisions. I've been open to feedback, both positive and constructive, because I firmly believe that one person isn't always right. There could be a better, quicker, or more comfortable way to do something, but you have to be open to hearing it.   

In looking back, my career has been a rollercoaster and has taken me to places I never thought I could be. My journey within Sage has been pretty incredible, and I wouldn't change a day of it."

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