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Employee Spotlight

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We want to take a moment this month to shine a spotlight on one of our team members who we all feel has gone above and beyond to keep us all safe these past 6 months. Dan Cervantes, our Director of Human Resources, joined the team less than a year ago but when COVID-19 struck, he rose to the challenge and took on the responsibility of handling every single sick call-out for a group of nearly 500 employees. Dan would often start his day at 4 AM to take calls from the East Coast teams and end his day late as he helped guide his department to a completely digital ADP system. He has proven to be an invaluable member of our team and is a true pleasure to work with. Please join us in thanking him for keeping us all safe and (somewhat) sane throughout these trying times! Please feel free to send him your own personal note at [email protected].

 Here's what a few of our team members have to say about Dan:

"Dan is a dynamic and integral part of our team at IPG. We would be hard-pressed to find a more passionate or driven individual within the organization, it’s truly contagious. Love working with this guy!"
– David Cornell 
IPG Chief Operating Officer

"The addition of Dan to our team has been nothing less than amazing. Dan’s ability to bring new ideas and streamlined processes have in just a few short months brought our companies to another level of excellence. Dan is a pleasure to work with and exemplifies raising the bar. During a very challenging time there is no one that I would want to oversee a very critical department and assist our associates with daily questions concerning the difficulties of COVID-19. Thank you for joining our team, raising the bar and keeping us all safe for the past 5 months." 
– Julie Rodriguez
Sage Chief Operating Officer

"Dan has been a tremendous asset to IPG/Sage. With an enormous workload brought on by the pandemic in addition to significant HR responsibilities, he has managed the process, improved communication, enhanced the ADP Portal, and sought to bring efficiencies and standardization to the forefront, while maintaining his sense of humor."
– Dan Ogden
IPG Director of Operations

"I’m very grateful for time and commitment that Dan has given to the task of employee related (and non-related) COVID-19 calls. Until recently, I didn’t realize the time involved with managing this task, especially with multiple companies to balance. His dedication to taking each call, and the follow-up related to each call, in addition to running the HR department for Sage and IPG, is admirable on so many levels. Thank you Dan for your commitment, as well as your mentoring and training as you pass the call-out baton." 
– Lea Beasley
Sage Director of Operations 

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